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Our Frames


20th Century Frames

The turn of the century turn people away from excessive decor, and towards Modernism, they honored agrarian past while being open to an industrial future.

Modern frame designs saw the birth of the floater frame, the Mondrian box designed by Le Corbusier, the plexiglass box, the welded metal frame, the sectional metal all helped and developed somehow by Robert Kulicke for the MoMA.

European Frames

This is the Origen of the frame as we know it today, we have no examples of Greek frames other than jewelry in its form, and the earliest exiting frame is from Egypt as one piece with the painting it in-housed, the frame, a pure form of ornament, starts in Italy, then it takes importance in Spain, Holland the Low Countries until France takes over, the frames produced take the personality of the people and the villages that produced them. Their believes, superstition; passions and fears are all burnt-in the forms of the stick they shape.


Just as the personality of the Italians, pioneers in the frame industry show their immense passion, boldness, loudness and sentimentalism in a ways that uniquely represents their villages.

Low Countries

Throughout Central and Northern Europe, variations of the simple Cassetta Italian frames were used in the 15th and 16th century. They explored natural woods frames with black moldings, particularly in 16th century Holland as it reflected how reserved and sober its people were.