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When building a frame, we start with an empty canvas every time, shaping the wood into the most flattering adornment possible for your painting.


We perform in-depth research to pair your artwork with the most historically accurate and flattering companion possible.

The Quebracho Family


It all started in 19th century Italy with Victorio Bavaro, an acclaimed master carpenter in Vitondo. In 1907, Vitorio's son, Giuseppe Bavaro and his family emigrated to Argentina. Giuseppe, was an exacting craftsman whose business in Buenos Aires focused on gilding and repairing, as well as preserving and protecting precious heirlooms and antiques.

The family's craft was passed on from Giuseppe to his son, Miguel Bavaro who brought it to America in 1972. Miguel's son, Marcelo Bavaro, shortly after joined his father's craft. In 1990, Angel Campagnale, a forth-generation woodcarver of meticulous perfectionism from Isernia, Italy joined the Bavaro family and formed what is known today as Quebracho.

What's in the name?


Quebracho is named after the beautiful Argentinian Quebracho tree which is considered one of the strongest woods in the world. Surprisingly, the wood surpasses the strength and life of a piece of iron. The name Quebracho expresses our obsession with creating beauty that forever stands the test of time.

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